The Blue and Gold

Phoebe White

Phoebe is going to San Mateo high school because her sister goes there so she can drive Phoebe there. Phoebe likes to eat food and enjoys playing video games because she would rather stay inside. Phoebe wants to be in her sister's Dungeons & Dragons Club to make her sister mad. Her favorite movie is Coraline, even though many people say that it is scary (it's not). Her two favorite subjects are being an Office Aid because you get to relax, and Science because you learn a lot of really fun things. Phoebe's favorite song is Still Alive from Portal because it’s a fun song. She has to make new friends in highschool, because most of her close friends are going to others. Lastly, Phoebe's favorite food is ebelskivers, which are spherical pancakes that you put jelly and powdered sugar on top.

Phoebe White, Journalist

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Phoebe White