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Ming Doong
Ming Doong is an extraordinary Homo Sapien living on a rock (Earth) in a vacuum of space (space). Ming impressively learned three languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, and modern English. Ming surprisingly surpasses his math class without taking extra-math classes outside of school. Dreaming, Ming hopes to be the CEO of a favorably large company. Does Ming play any sports? Well, he does play basketball, and incredibly, somehow video-games are his sport to play on either his Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS2, PS3, or his Game Boy. Inside Journalism, Ming has chosen to definitely write about video games, but is also incorporating basketball into the mix. By the way, Ming doesn’t currently have a pet, but he is wishing and recommending the Husky. As any long list of this goes, Ming did have quite a lot of injuries in his past. Those include cutting the finger with a knife, his ring finger snapped, is recovering from knee bone chipping, and stubbed his toe. The insane amount of electronics in his house is a myriad: 4 tv’s, 4 computers, an LG tablet, a Mini Ipad, an Ipad, all the consoles mentioned are what he plays his games on, and finally if you want to count this, a dead iPod. Well, that was a long lecture on Ming Doong, and we *HOPED* you were intrigued.

Ming Doong, Journalist

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Ming Doong