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Mayan Lopez

Mayan Lopez, Journalist

Mayan Lopez is a former student at Bowditch middle school. He is in the 7th grade journalism class and really enjoys doing it. He has two sisters ( for whom they are both younger),3 fishes ( one of them jumped out of the tank so we had to save it) 1 dog and 2 parents and had grandparents and family who were immigrants. In his free time Mayan loves to play with his sister with their lego city, Play Baseball, read, go Hiking, go camping, and really loves nature and apparently loves being in cold environments and rain. His Mother works in the medical field and his father is a principal so when he has questions about anything, his parents are there to help. A couple of his favorite sports players are : Michale Jordan, Barry Bonds, Jerry Rice, Ken Griffey Jr., Buster Posey and Jackie Robinson. He loves all of his school subjects and hopes to be a MLB player when he grows up and be a scientist as an after job. He wants to get into Delas sal or Serra high school and wants to go to Stanford University. Mayan also Loves exploring and is always ready for when he gets lost in the wilderness. He also gets really snoopy when it gets to storiesĀ  and is excited to make his first one and hopes everyone will enjoy his articles.

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Mayan Lopez