The Blue and Gold

Simone Halpin
       Looking up to Emma watson, Simone Halpin wishes to be confident about herself and stand up to what is right. Adopting most of their traits from her mother, who is a teacher, Simone is organized, proactive and always seeking to learn new material. Having goals like being 5 foot three 3 in high school, Halpin seems optimistic about her dreams. Supporting diversity in out community, we can say that Simone is inclusive. Simone wants no discrimination in the world,  and wants everyone to be treated fairly. Aspiring to improve on her flaws, Halpin wants to be less stubborn and have a strong will in the future. As a career, Simone wishes to be somebody who works with animals, and works hard at achieving her goal. All in all, we can say that Simone is very determined and proactive.

Simone Halpin, Journalist

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