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2017-2018 Staff

Arpit Chopra


Arpit is a creative, artistic, and intelligent child. Arpit has a passion for animals and loves to care for them. In his free time, Arpit likes to paint, draw, read books, and play sports. Arpit plays tennis, basketball, and soccer; however, he is alwa...

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Gino Gianoli


Gino is an active kid who plays soccer. He plays on a team called Force North. He is an 8th grader who is excited and happy to be a Journalist. In Gino's spare time he goes on youtube and watches videos, also on his spare time he does his homework. Gino ...

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Joseph Salvail


  Joey Salvail is one of the most social kid in his journalism class. One of his hobbies are sports, the 2 sports he plays are baseball and basketball. His favorite color is blue and his favorite song is Despacito. He listens to music a lot, his...

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Ryan Fernandez


  Ryan is a creative, intelligent, energetic, hardworking 8th grader with a sense of humor. Ryan´s hobbies consist of rapping, playing video games, scootering around town ,and making videos and uploading them to youtube. He hopes to eventual...

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Taylor Bell


  Taylor Bell is an enthusiastic and ardent 8th grader. He was born in Rhode Island and has lived in many places around the country. He always comes to class ready to work and happy to finish. He can be a bit careless at times. Some of his overarchi...

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Sina Mehrabi


Sina Mehrabi is a kind and social 13 year old boy. He is a friendly caring person who is always on task. His favorite subject is science and his favorite food is sushi. His favorite hobbies are pro scootering, offroad bike jumping, and collecting mo...

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Cameron Zaller


 Cameron is a very energetic and joking kid. He can also be calm, believe it or not. He just turned 13. Cameron loves Nerf Guns and watching videos. He is also a Boy Scout and does karate. He sometimes plays games on his phone. Cameron also has a dog, ...

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Rajeev Singh


Rajeev Singh is creative and energetic 13 year old boy. He likes the color pink, and his favorite food is orange chicken. The subject he most enjoys Astronomy. In his spare time he likes to game on is pc and ps4. Some of his favorite games are destiny ...

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Julian DaValle


Julian DaValle is an innovative young man who is focused on achieving his goals. He likes going to places like LA or Portland, Oregon with his cousins. He tries his hardest to improve his grade and focus. He also likes going to the pool with his fami...

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Sheehab Heikal


  Sheehab Heikal is a smart, VERY COOL, good looking 13 year old 8th grader. His birthday is October 30, 2004. He does his best when it comes to work, and loves playing video games. His favorite class is Astronomy, and loves pizza. He was born in New York...

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Ali Matai


Ali Matai is a great person he is not American he is Arabic but he lived most of his life in Turkey. He knows 3 languages and he speaks all of them fluently. He thinks that Turkey is better than America because Turkey is cheaper and looks better. His...

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Matthew Rich


Matthew is an energetic, athletic, intelligent 8th grader. Outside of school he is very active. He enjoys doing many outside activities, such as hiking, biking, running, sailing and much more. Matthew likes most animals, but loves dogs the most. He has...

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Ryan Arar


Ryan is a kind, responsible, and a hardworking 8th grader here at Bowditch Middle School. He likes to travel to new places and enjoy foods from different cultures. He is from Syria and can speak Arabic. He hates vegetables and healthy food because it do...

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Ananya Pant


Ananya Pant is an optimistic, creative, and intelligent 8th grader. She works hard and is very energetic. Ananya’s favorite colors are blue and purple. She likes to play tennis and go swimming with her friends, and is also fond of athletics and running....

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Fiona Lee


  Fiona Lee is an athletic, hard-working, and intelligent 8th grader. Fiona is sympathetic and empathetic, and also a loyal, kind-hearted friend. In her free time, she reads and plays with her younger siblings. Fiona likes to play the violin ...

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Christie Yee


Christie Yee is an energetic, optimistic, and idealistic thirteen year old. Her favorite subject is art and math, and she enjoys playing club soccer. Christie’s favorite color is yellow and her favorite food is ramen. She enjoys hanging out with her...

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Kylee Kim


Kylee Kim is an artistic, happy, and imaginative thirteen-year old. She enjoys hanging out with her friends on the weekends and after school. In her free time, Kylee enjoys playing her three instruments, ukulele, guitar and saxophone, passing a volley...

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Anton Clark


Anton Clark, Is a handsome, intelligent, hard working, fit, popular, cool, and overall an amazing kid. His favorite subject is biology and his dream is to follow along side Rick Sanchez’s steps and to become a true Pickle Anton. He has no means of shari...

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Jeremy Yang


Jeremy is a lazy, kind, and a not very careful person in 8th grade at Bowditch Middle School. He somehow messes up everything he touches! Though Jeremy screws up a lot at home, he works harder at school. His favorite subject is Social Studies, because it i...

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Aditya Kishore


Aditya Kishore is an enthusiastic and studious 13-year-old 8th grader. He’s passionate, creative, and competitive. He is very open minded and keeps everyone in a good mood. However, sometimes he can go over the edge being overly perfectionist or micro-m...

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