The Blue and Gold

Ryan Fernandez

Ryan is a creative, intelligent, energetic, hardworking 8th grader with a sense of humor. Ryan´s hobbies consist of rapping, playing video games, scootering around town ,and making videos and uploading them to youtube. He hopes to eventually pursue youtube and collaborate with Ricegum and other popular youtubers, if you would like to see his channel it is ItsKingFern 16 on youtube. Although, his goal is to one day play baseball for the University of Ole Miss. His favorite subject is Social Studies because he enjoys learning about what life was like generations before us. He is excited to attend Aragon next year and make new friends and His all-time favorite food is Adobo which was introduced to him by his grandparents. His favorite video games are NBA 2K, Madden, MLB the SHOW and Call of Duty and his favorite places he has traveled to was the Bahamas and Hawaii.



Ryan Fernandez, Author

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