The Blue and Gold

Jamison Chow
Jamison Chow was born on October 14, 2004. He has one sister and he lives with his parents, in a house in Foster City. Jamison is unsure of what specific career he wants to have when he grows up, but he wants to work with medicine. Jamison also really likes hanging out with friends and family, one of his favorite things to do with friends is bike around Foster City. Jamison likes school because he gets to see his friends. Jamison’s goals for this school year are to friends and to get better at writing. Jamison really likes to travel around the world with his family, He’s been to Nevada, Hong-Kong, and pretty much everywhere in California. The one thing that Jamison wants to do before he dies, is travel around the world. His motto in life is always go for the best experience, meaning that if you have a bad job but make a lot of money, quit the job and go for what you like instead of going for the money.

Jamison Chow, Editor

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