The Blue and Gold

Behruz Azimov
Behruz Azimov is a thirteen-year-old born in Orlando, Florida, and would consider himself extroverted and soccer-obsessed. Although an extrovert, he wouldn’t consider himself as very outgoing or adventurous, but the craziest thing he has ever done was swim with sharks in Mexico. Ever since the age of six, when his father first signed him up, soccer had remained his passion and has affected his goals for the future. One of his goals is to travel to England - the country home to his favorite soccer team, Manchester United. Another one of his goals is to become a professional soccer player, although he has his doubts about actually accomplishing it. He claims he has no ideas or predictions on how his life might turn out. His all-time favourite soccer player is Pogba, and if he could meet any person in the world, that soccer player would be it. Soccer would be the first word Behruz would use to describe himself, followed by “smart,” “talkative,” and “gamer.”

Behruz Azimov, Editors/Journalist

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