The Blue and Gold

2019-2020 Staff

Ethan Ganoza


Ethan Ganoza is an 8th grade student that attends Bowditch Middle School in Foster City, California. He is pretty excited to write about his favorite topics which are movies and sports. Ethan also plays baseball and football outside of school. His hobbies ...

Anna Martins


Anna is a 13 year old girl, she is Brazilian. She likes soccer and gymnastics, and her favorite book is the hate you give by Angie Thomas. She rides a bike to school, and she wants to go to Hillsdale High School next year and favorite animal is a lion....

Sarah Grover


Sarah is a Journalist in the 8th grade Journalism class of Bowditch Middle School. This is her first time writing for the school newspaper, although she has some experience in Broadcast Journalism Class of Bowditch. Her favorite part of Journalism is ...

Guy R.


Guy R. is a human (Sadly) born in the city of Torrance during the mid-2000s, later moving to Foster City only a few days later. Figure the rest.

Balvir Singh


Balvir Singh is an eighth grader here in Bowditch middle school. He is planning to attend Aragon high school next year. Balvir is interested in the topics of science and memes. He wishes to write articles about them. His favorite class this year is jou...

Abhijith Aravind


Abhijith Aravind likes to play video games. He was born in India in 2006. He plans to go to Aragon High school. He plays RPG games. Abhijith used to take the KBOW class last year. Abhijith plays video games during his free time. He has skills in math...

Patrick Ding


Patrick is 13 years old, he doesn't like sports, and his hobbies are playing video games and sleeping. He is 100% chinese and wants to be successful in the future. He doesn't have any pets and a fun fact about him is that he can whistle.

Claire Liberman


Claire is 13. The reasons why she joined Journalism are because of her passion for writing and being able to express her own opinions to the whole school. Her dream vacation includes going to Italy, since her family is partly Italian, she’s always ...

Tony Kim


Tony Kim is a gaming enthusiast, a former KBOW anchor and now resumes activity as a journalist for the Sail. In 2006, Tony was born in Sequoia Hospital, located somewhere in Redwood City. He likes gaming and almost every food he touches. Tony is also l...

Neil Sandal


Neil Sandal’s favorite thing to do is play video games. He likes to play RPG games. Neil isn’t in any Bowditch sports teams and doesn’t play sports. During the weekend, he plays video games. He doesn’t take any classes, but he takes online co...

Konstantinos Paparrizos


  Konstantinos Paparrios is an 8th grade student at Bowditch Middle School, and part of the journalism class. He was born in Redwood City, and lives with his Greek dad, American mom, little brother, and his cat named Pepper. His goal for journal...

Kendall Lee


  Kendall Lee is a new 8th grade student who is a contributor to The Sail. She finds interest in digital art, creative writing, psychology, and music. Additionally, she plays for Bowditch’s 8A volleyball team and likes her math and language a...

Evelyn Su


Evelyn Su is a funny and athletic student. She likes to play soccer, but she is willing to play any sport that comes her way. Evelyn likes to watch soccer, football, and basketball gEames. She is interested in reading books such as To Kill A Mockingbird a...

Elexis Yang


Elexis Yang is an 8th grader at Bowditch Middle School and is a contributor to the Sail. She enjoys listening to music, playing the flute, and reading during her free time. She is on the 8A volleyball team and she likes watching many different types of...

Kyle Jiang


Kyle Jiang loves to play volleyball, hang out with her Aunt's dog, and watch The Office and Gray's Anatomy. I dislike math because the alphabet doesn't belong there. I aspire to ne a surgeon becuase of Gray's Anatomy. "I should have burned this pl...

Ethan Belloni


Ethan Belloni is 13 years old and he likes to go outside a lot. He is Jewish and was born in Redwood City. He likes baseball and basketball. His favorite subject is P.E since he can play different kinds of sports. So he would write about sports for ar...

Noman Fahim


Nomam Fahim is a student in journalism. He is looking forward to reading his peer’s articles and wants to write about school related topics, for example: How to Deal With Your Locker. His favorite classes are PE, because of the basketball unit, and Sci...

Jeremiah Pascual


Jeremiah Pascual is an energetic and funny person. He enjoys sports, both watching and playing basketball. He also likes gaming and reading in his free time. Jeremiah enjoys editing classmate’s and friend’s pieces of writing. His favorite subject...

Phoebe White


  Phoebe is going to San Mateo high school because her sister goes there so she can drive Phoebe there. Phoebe likes to eat food and enjoys playing video games because she would rather stay inside. Phoebe wants to be in her sister's Dungeons &am...

Ming Doong


Ming Doong is an extraordinary Homo Sapien living on a rock (Earth) in a vacuum of space (space). Ming impressively learned three languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, and modern English. Ming surprisingly surpasses his math class without taking extra-math...

Shuga Shiraki


Shuga Shiraki Shuga is a very interesting person. He likes to swim and learn more about his first language, “Japanese.” Shuga was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he lived for a few years than moved to Foster city when he was only 7 years old. Outside of sch...

Alexander Schwartzer


           Alexander Schwartzer is an 8th grader at Bowditch Middle School and student in journalism class. He was born in Redwood City and lives at home with his Polish dad, Jewish mom, little sister, and two guinea pigs named Chip and Blueberry....

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