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Q: What are some of the clubs at Bowditch for sixth graders? -Anonymous

A: Dear Anonymous,

It’s great that you want to join in on the fun at Bowditch! There are a variety of clubs that sixth graders can join. There are twelve different clubs for sixth graders ranging from Glee Club to Interact to Poetry Club. For more information on some of Bowditch’s clubs, check out the Bowditch Clubs article in the Student Life or Arts and Entertainment section.

-The Sailors

Q : What is a good way to not procrastinate?  -Anonymous

A : Dear Procrastinator,

Many people at this school seem to have better things to do all the time, when they could be doing homework or helping around the house, students decide to play on their phones or hang out with friends after school. Remember that the more you put off whatever you are trying to accomplish, the more stressed out you will be when you actually start. Order your work from difficult to easy, so you can end on a good note, and not feel exhausted afterwards. Be sure to avoid Youtube, social media or TV while you are doing homework; this can distract you and cause you to work less efficiently and create mediocre work quality. Write yourself a note on your phone or somewhere you always look so you can remind yourself when the task must be accomplished. You got this Procrastinator! Thanks for your question!

The Sailors


Q: My friends tease and judge me, but we’ve been friends forever and they’re all I have! -Anonymous

A: Dear Anonymous,

I’m sorry you are going through this, and I assure you, you’re not alone. First, try to figure out why your friends are teasing and judging you. This might be a result of your own behavior. You could done something that hurt your friends feelings. Then, try to deal with your friend’s behavior. Ask your friends to stop teasing you and that you don’t appreciate being teased and judged. If they don’t stop, then ignore them and calmly walk away. If the teasing and judging keeps happening, tell another trusted friend or an adult. You can also steer clear of your friends for a while, then they might get the hint. If they still keep teasing and judging you, then you most likely need to find a different group of friends. A true friend never makes fun of another friend intentionally. Making new friends is part of life. Although, I hope your friends will understand what you’re going through and stop.

The Sailors

Q: My friend and I are fighting and I don’t know what to do!  -Confused

A: Dear Confused,

It is okay to fight with your friend once in awhile. Everyone gets into arguments with their friends at some points in their lives, so don’t worry. First, when you and your friend are fighting try and stay calm. Pause, take a few deep breaths, and relax. Secondly, discuss the conflict with your friend, and stay calm throughout this discussion. During this discussion acknowledge that you heard and understood your friends perspective. You can say something like, “I can see how my actions made you feel like…” or, “I didn’t realize I hurt you by…” Lastly, try expressing the regret of your actions by saying “sorry”. For example, “I am sorry/apologize I didn’t give you a chance to explain yourself.” When you apologize say things like, “Can you forgive me?” or “Can we please move forward?” If your friend doesn’t instantly forgive you, give them some space and time to process your apology. Time helps!

      -The Sailors


Q: I don’t have any friends in one of my classes and it’s so boring! Please help me. What should I do? -Anonymous

A: Dear Troubled,

I myself don’t have friends in some of my classes, the way I fixed this was just talking to the people that are at my table, or near my seat. Try making friends with people that you have seen before in your other classes, but haven’t gotten to know personally. Be friendly towards the people you are approaching. Introduce yourself without mumbling, so they can hear you properly. While talking with them, find things that you have in common with the person to strike up a conversation. If you do make a friend, be aware that they might have other friends in the class, and to give them space. Hope you’ll be able to make many new friends this school year! The Sailors


Q : My sister is being mean to me, whenever we get into a fight, I get all the blame. What should I do?  -Anonymous


A : Dear Distressed Sister,

Sisters can be extremely annoying! Don’t worry, this is a common problem among all siblings. The first way to solve your problem is to resolve the issue with your sister. Start by using “I” statements  to let your sister know what the problem is. For example, “I feel annoyed when you laugh at me when I do my hair” or “I feel upset when you make fun of me or tease me.” However, try to avoid the word “but” as it invalidates everything you have said before. If this method doesn’t work, ask your parents to get involved. Explain both sides of the story and let your parents reach an agreement. Another way to solve you problem is to examine your own behavior. Before retaliating against your sister’s comments, look back and review your own actions. It is possible your sister is not the one to blame. Hope you found this helpful!

-The Sailors


Q : Dear Sailors, What should I do if I have a bad hair day? -Anonymous


A: Dear Anonymous,

I personally have had many bad hair days. The way I deal with it is to wear a hat to school, but since we aren’t allowed to wear hats inside classes, I suggest trying to fix it up at home beforehand. Try to dampen your hair with some water; you can then dry and style your hair afterwards. If your hair is greasy and you don’t have enough time to shower, use some dry shampoo. If you’re a girl, braid your hair; braiding your hair hides the oil that makes your hair look greasy and sort of gross. There are many other hairstyles you can try such as a messy bun, or a ponytail, which are the two easiest hairstyles to accomplish in a short amount of time. If your hair refuses to fix itself, both boys and girls can try using gel or hairspray to keep it down. Hope this helped! Thanks for your question!

-The Sailors


Q: What book should I read? -Bookworm

A: Dear Bookworm,

There are many websites that have suggestions for young adult novels. Some  examples of websites are Scholastic a Goodreads So here are a few good books, that I personally love. If you are interested in fantasy books I would suggest Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Red Queen, and Rebel Fire. If you are interested in fiction series I would suggest the Selections series, The Ender’s Games, Wonder, and the Wednesday Wars. If you like adventure or crime books, I would suggest: Liar and Spy, Catching Fire, Rebel Fire, The Hunger Games, the Divergent series, The Maze Runner, and Lord of the Flies. Lastly, if you like romance books I would suggest: Only Everything, the Selections, The Fault in Our Stars, and Twilight. You can also ask our school librarian, Mrs. Wardell or you can ask the Foster City librarians. hope you enjoy these books!

-The Sailors


Q: Where is the best place in Foster City to see nature? I want some fresh air. Where should I go? -Nature Lover

A: Dear Nature Lover,

“Science is proving what we’ve always known intuitively: nature does good things to the human brain—it makes us healthier, happier, and smarter,” -National Geographic, This Is Your Brain On Nature. It’s awesome that you want to take the time to experience nature. I would suggest going to one of the many parks in Foster City. There are 24 different parks in Foster City, so I would recommend going to one closest to where you live that as some peace and quiet for you to observe your surroundings. Some parks that I love is the Bay Levee and the Leo J. Ryan Park. These two are the main parks where you can get fresh air and experience nature. You can also go to the new boat park to feel the freshness of the lagoon water. Some places close by Foster City include Central Park in Downtown San Mateo. It has a very big outdoor space and features a Japanese Tea Garden, with koi fish and many plants. If you are looking for more places outside of Foster City, Shoreline Parks in San Mateo is a great hiking trail. There is also the Redwood Shores trail in Redwood City. These trails have a great view of the San Mateo Bridge and you can see lots of wildlife such as deer, lizards, and many different plants! Additionally, there is a trail in San Jose called Mountain Queen Expeditions. There you can see mini waterfalls, the ocean, foxes, coyotes, and wild sea creatures!  

-The Sailors


Q : Dear Sailors, I know a guy that likes me but I like someone else. But the guy that likes me is really sweet, I’m confused!  -Confused

A : Dear Confused,

Before we get into anything, just remember this is a part of being a middle schooler. When turning someone down, especially someone you think is nice, you should be polite. However, don’t tell him you don’t like him via text or call, tell him in person, it’s a better way of getting the message across and shows you care. If he is really sweet, then you want to continue a friendship with him, however, if they take this rejection in a way which causes him to not talk to you anymore, approach him about it. If it doesn’t change, then he’s not worth it, maybe he isn’t as understanding or sweet as you think. Here are some ways you can turn him down politely. Use a compliment sandwich, say something nice about him, then tell him you only want him as a friend, then another nice thing. It will make him feel good, even if you are turning him down. Don’t lie to him at all, that will cause more lies, and more lies, which will lead to an unhealthy friendship with him. However, if you start liking him back, that’s a different story. Try to avoid talking about your crush, it may cause him to change himself in order to get you to like him. Be careful when approaching this! You got this! Good luck!

-The Sailors

Q: Dear Sailors, what new video games are coming out and are they worth my money?

A: Dear Videogamer,

The Sail has just published a new article just about videogames and their pricings… you should check it out for the answers you need.


Q: Dear Sailors,what good stores are appropriate for school but still have nice clothing?

A: Dear Shopper,

There are several trending stores, many of which you can buy at the Hillsdale Mall. For example, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Abercrombie, Hollister, Macy’s, and Uniqlo. It really depends on your style but these are a few stores that are trending, I hope this helps.


Q: Dear Sailors, what sports are trending right now?

A: Dear Sport Person,

Some sports that are trending now are, lacrosse, track and field, volleyball, and lacrosse. Many of these sports are spring sports at Bowditch. For example, track and field and soccer. The tryouts for soccer have already happened, but you can still join track and field. Hope this helps!

A : Dear Actor/Actress,

I understand how you feel, whether you try out for a sport, audition for a part in play, or apply for anything, you wait in anticipation. If you did your best at your audition, then don’t be nervous, be hopeful. If you don’t get the part, you are still going to be in the play, since nobody will get cut, you may even get two parts! Reflect on what you can do better the next time, and work on your acting! Maybe go and ask the directors what you could do better next time. We all wish you the best of luck!

The Sailors

Advice From Other Students


“Nobody’s better than you than being yourself.”

From, The Broz Blam


“Don’t make Mr. Song triggered.”

From, Anonymous


“Be nice, helpful, and kind.”     

From, The Broz Blam


“You are AWESOME! Don’t stop now!”     

From, The Broz Blam


“Be yourself. You are the BEST!”     

From, The Broz Blam


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