The upcoming extinction of penguins


Simra Shahid and Maya Nagar

Recently, many animals have been going extinct, especially animals from the Arctic. Arctic animals have recently been going extinct due to the recent climate change and global warming. Many penguins, especially Emperor Penguins, have suffered from these outcomes.


When an animal starts to go extinct, it’s a sign that the ecosystem is falling apart. When penguins started going extinct because of climate change, it was a big issue for the surrounding species and ecosystems. Penguins fertilize the landscape with plant nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. That paired with the fact that penguins are a crucial part of the food chain, it’s clear that they are important to the surrounding ecosystem. Emperor penguins along with many other types of penguins are at risk of extinction due to overfishing, climate change, and habitat degradation.The emperor penguins are expected to go extinct by the year 2100.


Some people have taken matters into their own hands, and have closed off all fishing near breeding colonies, and reduced competition fishing; which will allow penguins to have more food to feed on. Oil spills and carbon footprints have been monitored to make sure the possibilities of either happening are small. Most penguins are affected by oil spills due to the fact that they swim deeper in water, cannot fly, they have to resurface to breathe, and the water pollution is a very big threat to smaller penguins. 


Recently, we’ve interviewed people on this matter. ⅘ of the people admitted that they were aware of penguins being an endangered species. When we asked them their opinion on penguins, all of the people said they like penguins and that they are adorable. According to Ms Datta, she believes that penguins are vital to the ecosystem. She also said that it would upset the arctic ecological system, and mess with the food chain if they are to all finally go extinct. All of the people believe that penguins are important and there would be a huge loss without them. 


Since penguins are so important, we should make efforts to help them not go extinct. There are multiple ways you can help. You could be a responsible person and not put trash in the habitats of penguins, help reduce carbon emissions, or you could support conservation work. If you do these things, then you can help the cute and adorable penguins not go extinct. This is exactly why penguins can make a major impact on the ecosystem.,for%20penguins%20to%20feed%20on.