When will Karlson Come Out

When will Karlson Come Out

Matteo Tang


Daniel ¨Dani¨ William Sooman is a Norwegian youtuber that programs games and makes devlogs. His most popular games he has created in the past are Karlson (2d), Muck, and Crab Game. 


All of these games are good and high quality, but there is one game that was made during all of these, Karlson. This game was starting to be made after Karlson 2d was made and was a 3d version of Karlson 2d. But this game was made 2 years ago and Dani had enough time to make 2 other high quality games with a few games he made in 2 days. Well the main reason Dani said he made all of these games was to keep his channel from dying.Hi community and I fully believe this, but his videos on Karlson pull so many views he could just continue making devlogs to continue keeping his channel alive. 


The other reason he could have made Muck and Crab Game is to make something his community can play. This is also likely if not both of these reasons, but why hasn’t Karlson come out yet? His latest devlog was a year ago and in that video he said, ¨Karlson is fun to develop, but there is so much effort to put into the programming. It is more work than I can imagine.¨ With this in mind, he probably is still working on Karlson. If it is taking so long lets go over what the game is about. You are Karlson, the player, and the objective is to get the milk at the end of each level. There are enemies that will stand in your way and try to obstruct you from getting the milk. The main idea Dani had in mind when making Karlson is you can infinitely build up speed by sliding, jumping, and combining keys like strafing. The genre of the game is ¨Parkour, fps, sci-fi¨. 


When Karlson comes out will be a mystery but it is important to remember that Dani has high stress to post videos and programs. He has a lot on his plate and if you want a free version of Karlson, there is a version that was posted last year that is not completed. You can try it out on itch.io.