Jordan Poole

Levi Rakita, Journalist

Is Jordan Poole the next Stephen Curry in the NBA? Jordan Anthony Poole was born on June 19, 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jordan grew up with his mom Monet and his dad Anthony Poole. Jordan Poole has an older brother and one sister. Jordan Poole went to La Lumiere Middle School in La Porte, Indiana. Jordan Poole went to Rufus King High School. Jordan Poole’s career started at the University of Michigan.

Jordan Poole got drafted in 2019. He was the 28th pick in the 1st round. He got drafted by the Golden State Warriors. Jordan Poole plays point guard. The reason I think that he could be the next Stephen Curry is that he is a tremendous shooter, has the best free throw percentage in the NBA, and has awesome handles. Jordan Poole’s free throw percentage is the best in the NBA, being 92.5%, which is 0.2% higher than his teammate, Stephen Curry. Jordan Poole’s field goal percentage is .416 which is .57 higher than Stephen Curry’s. He also has awesome handles, breaking past the press and being a super fast guard.

Although Jordan Poole has only played in the NBA for 3 years, he still has many achievements. He has the greatest free throw percentage in the NBA. He has just started his wonderful career and will have chances to succeed later on. Without Jordan Poole on the Warriors, it would be a tough time for the Warriors, and Jordan Poole helped a lot. The Warriors probably wouldn’t make it to the finals without him. Good luck Jordan Poole and the Golden State Warriors.