Why Math can be Bad for Some People


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Blackboard full of equations (quantum, relativty….)

Claire Lam, Journalist

Did you know that some fears that relate to math can affect people in many different ways? It mostly causes anxiety and many different fears. 


In math, there are some fears such as Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, Arithmophobia, and math phobia. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666, or the devil’s number. Arithmophobia is the fear of numbers in general. Math phobia is the fear of the ability to do math. Fears like these are mainly caused by tests, teachers, parents, peers, and the pure nature of math. Those fears can affect math as a subject because people can have trauma behind it, and might not have the ability to do the math. 


The majority of the people despise math and end up talking negatively about their intelligence. Some people think that math is boring or a huge pain since some topics may be too hard to understand. Since some math topics may be a bit challenging, it may cause some pain. During math tests, some people may get stressed or fear it due to the time given to complete the test. Since some people fear math tests, it shuts down their working memory and prevents them from doing anything. One problem can make heads hurt and cause pain. 


People can also find difficulty in understanding and analyzing some math topics. The style of thinking in math can be damaging to social and human issues. 


In conclusion, math can be bad and harmful in many different ways. There are many fears around the subject of math, and this is why math can hurt some people.