The colors of the rainbow

The colors of the rainbow

Griffin Kubitz, Journalist

Primary and Secondary Colors
Primary colors are the start of all colors. They consist of red, yellow, and blue. You can mix these colors to create the other colors in the rainbow: orange, green, and purple.

Red is one of the most iconic colors because it is the start of the rainbow. Red was one of the first colors made in the prehistoric age because the berries that people gathered were red. The Roman generals had their bodies covered in red to celebrate victories. Later on it became an important color that the Chinese would use to color their palace gates. Red symbolizes blood, sacrifice, danger, and courage. If you like the color red you are an in-the-know person and are usually outgoing.

Orange is the color made by combining yellow and red. Orange is also the name of a popular fruit. You can find the color orange a lot in nature, usually taking the form of rocks, leaves, and clay. If you like the color orange this means you are warm and optimistic as well as good-natured.

The color yellow is probably most known for being the color of gold. Yellow is a primary color. Yellow is also in many flowers and is the color of the sun. The color yellow symbolizes happiness and warmth. Yellow is also the brightest color in the rainbow. If you like the color yellow, you are optimistic, kind, and dream big.

Green is probably the most common color found in nature as it is in grass and leaves. The color green is created by combining yellow and blue. Green can also mean nature or health, health symbolizing sickness usually, although it is also used as a sign of healthiness, mainly in Europe. If you like the color green this usually means that you are down to earth and you seek acknowledgment for the things you do.

Blue is naturally found in many things, including cobalt and plants. Because blue is a primary color you can mix it with red to get purple. Today, blue dyes are made from chemical processes. In Egypt, blue was used for tomb paintings and to protect the dead in the afterlife. Likers of the color blue greatly value inner peace, harmony, and truth.

Purple is a color made by combining red and blue. Purple is a very iconic color as well the color of royalty. Purple can also be associated with magic. In Rome especially, the senators wore purple togas. Lastly, if you like the color purple, this means that you are an artistic individual who is very intuitive.

A Little Song To Help Your Remember
Red is the start of the rainbow, then comes orange and yellow. Green is the color of the veggies you eat, and blue is cool so dance to the beat! Eggplants are purple, just like grapes and this will reshape how you think of the rainbow.