Does Weightlifting Stunt Your Growth?

Natan Petel, Journalist


Many people, especially teenagers and young adults, don’t work out because they think it will “stunt” their growth. Fortunately, this is usually not the case. When done correctly, working out doesn’t stunt your growth and is very good for your physical and mental health.


There are really only a few exercises that have a possibility to stunt your growth. The two main ones are squatting and deadlifting. Now if you throw on a few hundred pounds and deadlift with terrible form, putting too much stress on your back, then yes, of course it would stunt your growth. You can say this about almost everything. For example, if you play the violin with bad posture it can permanently stunt your growth. If you pitch in baseball with bad form you can get a “Tommy John”, or a UCL injury that requires surgery. If you eat with bad posture or use your wrists weirdly, it can stunt your growth and damage your wrists for life. The same applies in the gym. If you work out with bad form it can stunt your growth. 


There are many things I recommend doing so this doesn’t happen to you. The first thing is to lower the weight on your exercise until you don’t feel the weight. Try practicing good form until you have it perfect. Then up the weight so you can still maintain perfect form. Never go too heavy to where your form becomes bad. Do this for every single exercise you do. If you feel that it puts stress on your back, stop immediately. 


Weightlifting is very good for your physical and mental health, so don’t let myths trick you into not working out. Go to the gym!