My Thoughts on The Warriors and Their Finals Potential

Levi Rakita, Journalist


In my opinion, I think that the Golden State Warriors have a big chance of winning the NBA championship. The Warriors have statistically played better than other teams. Warriors also have a lot of superstars on the team and they have a lot of team chemistry. Team chemistry is one of the most important things in basketball. 


At the time of me writing this, the Warriors are 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals. They have a big chance of winning the series and going to the Finals. In my opinion, I think that if the Miami Heat wins, the Warriors will have a big chance of winning it all because I think that the Warriors are a better team than the Heat. The Warriors will be able to lock down Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, and Bam Adebayo, all superstars for the Heat. If the Celtics win the Eastern Conference Finals, that’s another story. They are a much tougher team and it will be much harder for the Warriors to win it all. I don’t think that the Warriors will be able to guard Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Al Horford, and the rest of their team.  I hope to see the Warriors and the Heat in the Finals. 


According to statistics from the last four games of the Warriors, the Warriors have a better efficient field goal percentage (.558 to .534), more offensive rebounds (22.7 to 14.0), higher offensive rating (121.8 to 114.0), and more points on average (114.0 to 105.8) when compared with the Boston Celtics. The Warriors have more points overall than the Mavericks in the conference Finals (456 to 423). The Warriors are struggling in a few aspects too. They have more turnovers on offense (11.1 to 9.8) and they have fewer free throws per field goal attempt (.210 to .249). The Warriors are doing better according to stats and they should most likely win the Conference Finals having the fact that no team in the NBA came back from 0-3 and won. Dallas could be the first, but it is super unlikely that they win. 


After the Heat and Celtics game, the Warriors have less chance of winning the Finals. That is because the Celtics are leading the Conference Finals 3-2 and that is bad news for the Warriors. The Warriors play today at home against the Dallas Mavericks for game 5. The Warriors are ready to cook them and send them back home.  


After watching the Warriors play the Mavericks in game 5, they made it to the Finals! The Heat and Celtics play and if the Celtics win, it’s Celtics vs Warriors in game 1 of the Finals on June 2. I hope that the Heat clutches it up in game 7 and play against the Warriors. Klay Thompson carried the Warriors with 32 points and Stephen Curry won the Earvin “Magic” Johnson Western Conference Finals Most Valuable Player award.  He was the first person to win that achievement in the history of the NBA. I hope the Warriors win the Finals and good luck to them!