Lucky Diamond Rich


Lucky Diamond Rich is the man that set the Guinness world record for having the most tattoos. His birth name is Gregory Paul McLaren. He’s best known as a street artist and performer who does a variety of dangerous acts. He has spent more than 1,000 hours at tattoo shops and has 100% of his body covered.


Around 2007, Lucky was 38 years old when he set the world record. Even though multiple people have tried to beat him, he still currently holds the role. Since he has layered tattoos, it’s practically impossible to beat him. Lucky has always been interested in tattoos and doesn’t mind the stares that he gets in public.


Other than tattoos, Lucky Diamond Rich has made multiple other body modifications. He has stretched ears, silver veneers instead of teeth, and some other piercings too. He has had very strange places tattooed, like his eyelids and gums. He has even tattooed the skin between his toes and the upper part of the ear canal! Lucky has layers of tattoos, that were made by him blacking out his whole body with tattoos, going over that with white ink, then coloring over that. He explains that every tattoo has a story attached to it. Apart from having so many tattoos, he can also swallow swords, juggle chainsaws, and can even ride 10 ft high unicycles.


Lucky was born in 1971 into a dysfunctional family. He decided to join a circus when he was 16 to avoid ending up living a life of crime. The first tattoo he got was a juggling bat placed on his hip. He made sure it was a small tattoo because he didn’t want his mom to see it, for fear that she would get mad. After that, he waited 2 years before getting a second one. Soon he was getting one tattoo after another. Eventually, he got a new name over time and left ‘Gregory Paul McLaren’ behind. He became popular extremely fast because of the number of tattoos he has. The more tattoos he got, the more popularity he received. That’s the main reason why he went under a personal re-brand. In 2007 he was at the top of his game with all the popularity, money, traveling, and partying he could want.


All the parties were too much for him, and by 2017 he was homeless and addicted to crystal meth. He started slipping into psychosis and tried to get clean from his addiction, but always failed. He started living as a nomad, moving from place to place. He was getting in trouble with the police more. One of his friends worked in rehab and offered him a bed. Lucky accepted the offer and went to the airport. There, he saw a drug dealer and had to choose whether he wanted to get clean or not. Lucky just ignored the dealer and kept walking. Years later, Lucky got clean and took a job with construction. Another source explains that he took a job with tattooing. Lucky says he would’ve never been able to stay clean with the job he had before


     Lucky now lives a happy life with his tattoos and is still recognized on the street. He doesn’t regret any of his decisions and has learned to live with the stares he receives. Additionally, he appreciates all the support he gets from some people and cherishes his role as the person with the most tattoos.