Simra Shahid

Synesthesia is when a human’s senses start to blend, like hearing colors and tasting shapes. 

It can be caused by increased communication between sensory regions. The name comes from “synth” which means together, and “ethesia” which means perception. Synesthesia is when you’re listening to music but you see shapes, or when you hear a name or a word and instantly see a color. When you have one sense instead of the other. Scientists believe there are multiple relations between synesthesia and autism. 


People with synesthesia often are born with it or develop it at an early age. It is also commonly thought to be genetically inherited, but can also teach themselves how to get synesthesia. It is currently unknown how many people have synesthesia on Earth, since most people that do have it think that others perceive the world as they do. Some people that do have it don’t even experience it physically, only feeling it mentally and thinking their mental reactions might just be lucid dreams, or sensory overload.  


Synesthesia can mentally affect people that have it. Someone with synesthesia said that it was “difficult since they didn’t like the colors they would see when they would say or hear someone’s name”. People often treat it as a disorder or a disease, when it isn’t. Synesthesia will in no way harm or affect anyone’s health and people with it are proven to have better memory. This is because it is easier to remember shapes that correspond with words or numbers.


Synesthesia commonly causes someone to see colors when hearing names, words, or numbers. But people can see shapes and colors based on tastes, see shapes from sounds, hear sounds after seeing shapes, or feel objects and hear noises. Some people even have what’s called mirror touch. This can happen if somebody sees someone else or something else being touched, they feel it as well. Even though this can happen, it is highly rare and cannot be taught overtime.


Synesthesia is rather uncommon, but it is proven that people can teach it to themselves. It is also recommended because of how good the skill is since it helps with memory and perspectives.