What is the Anime Fate?


Pachitsha Vang and Claire Lam

What is Fate?

The anime Fate is about 7 masters of heroic spirits called servants. They fight to win the Holy Grail in Fuyuki City, which can grant them and their servant one wish. The servants are usually separated into 7 classes: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, and Rider. It depends on which different Fate anime you watch because most of them don’t follow the same timeline. 

Anyway, Masters first summon their servants using a relic of the servant they want to summon. For example, if you wanted to summon King Arthur, then you would use something they had or that is related to them. After summoning the servant, the master gets 3 command spells. These spells allow the master to compel their servant to do anything or to do something beyond your body’s limits. They are an important part of Fate, and it can determine life and death. (There are many different versions of Fate. These versions are similar to the things that were described above, but are a bit different.) 

Is there a Game?

Aside from the anime, there is also a game called Fate/Grand Order in the Fate series. Fate/Grand Order is a gacha game where you roll for characters, which in this case are either servants or craft essence. Servants help you defeat evil mythical creatures, and craft essences are equipped by servants to help boost their attacks. To roll for characters, you use something called saint quartz. Per roll, you use 3 saint quartz. Per 10 rolls, you use 30 saint quartz. The rarities of each character are either 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars. It takes 300 saint quartz for 100 rolls. There are many different 5 stars, so it’s difficult to get the character you want unless you’re fortunate. To roll, you choose a banner that has the character you’d want to claim. There are 333 servants in total, but 156 are unplayable because they are most likely from events and weren’t added in the general summoning banner.  Each day, there are daily rewards to claim. Depending on your login streak, the more days you log in, the better amount of rewards you get. For the rewards, you would get a certain amount of saint quartz.

Other than rolling in the gacha and combat, there are stories to read with exclusive characters. To read the stories, it would take 158 hours and 49 minutes, but if you were to read the extras, it would take 403 hours and 53 minutes.


In conclusion, Fate is both an anime and a game. Both are amazing and entertaining. After reading this, we hope you try to watch or play Fate games and TV programs.