Improving Your Mental Health


Anushka Singh, Journalist


Your mental health affects your psychological, emotional, and social well being. It influences the way we handle stress and make choices. That is why it’s important to take care of it. Some of us might not think this, but it’s a serious matter. Improving this may bring you out/ prevent you from being in a depressive state. There are many useful tips or ways for you to improve your mental health. Such as staying positive, taking care of your physical health, developing meaning for your life, meditation, and relaxation techniques. 


The first way is to stay positive. This is when you train your brain to start thinking about the positive aspects of your life and filtering and/or balancing out the negative. Thinking this way not only reduces anxiety, but since your brain gets used to a positive way of thinking, you will overall have a better lifestyle. One interesting fact is that when you’re thinking negatively, it signals your body’s immune system response, in other words, thinking positively improves your immune system. 


Another big way to improve your mental health is to take care of your physical health. Some ways to do this is getting enough sleep (or having a good sleep schedule), this makes sure that you aren’t in a constant sluggish or ill mood. Another way is to keep your body healthy, so you can play sports, workout, not be lazy, and eat healthy. A healthy body closely correlates to a healthy mind. 


Another tip that is much like positive thinking is to remind yourself of the value of your life. In other words, reminding you of your purpose in this world. Whether it’s at a  job, school, a sport, or even being with friends and family, this reminds yourself that you are worth being here. (Which everyone is). Doing this makes yourself more likely to be out of a depressive state/ way of thinking. 


The last two ways are to meditate and use different relaxation techniques. Meditating is when you focus your attention and awareness on different things like your breathing or surroundings. There are two different types of meditation, mindfulness and transcendental meditation. Mindfulness meditation is based on stress reduction and being very aware of your well-being, it takes time to get good at this way of meditating. Transcendental meditation doesn’t involve any training or control, just reciting a mantra (a repeated word that is used to concentrate during meditation).  


There are many different relaxation techniques that are useful in lowering your blood pressure and reducing muscle tension/stress. One of them is progressive relaxation. That is when you relax certain muscles in your body while doing breathing exercises. Another technique is guided imagery. That is when you think or focus on positive images/ experiences in your mind. This makes you feel a lot calmer. The last one is more of a breathing exercise, which is deep breathing. This is when you start training yourself to take it slow and take even breaths when you get in a tough situation. 


Furthermore, when you’re struggling with your mental health, remind yourself that you are worth it and deserve to be in this world! Talk to your family and friends to get support if you’re in a tough place and maybe implement some of these tips to improve it. After all, just recently we were in mental health awareness month, so do yourself a favor and take care of it!,joy%2C%20resilience%2C%20and%20contentment