Expensive items



Krishna Garikipati, journalist/editor



Did you know that huia feathers are worth $10,000 for a few feathers? The world has a lot of things that are worth outrageous amounts of money. Luxury ice cubes are worth $325 for 50 ice cubes and the reason is that according to the company, “Gläce Luxury Ice is purified and protected in a resealable package, which ensures its purity”. A diamond tea bag is $14,000 and the reason is that it was the company PG Tips’ 75th birthday a decade ago. The diamond and gold Game Boy is covered in solid gold and has diamonds over its buttons. This is why it’s worth $25000, which is a lot of money for something that went obsolete fast. The chicken nugget Among Us character was the most expensive nugget sold when Among Us was at its height. It was bought for 99,997 dollars and it was because it was shaped like an Among Us character. It was originally bought at McDonald’s for a few dollars. The gold shirt made in India was worth an estimated 213,000 dollars, but the owner was robbed and killed. A company made a golden bicycle worth half a million and it was made of solid gold, but it was cumbersome as you can imagine. A magnetic floating bed was sold for $1.6 million and it floated over 1.2 feet above the ground and could hold up to 2000 pounds. A crystal piano worth $3.2 million is one of the most expensive instruments in the world. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond, worth $48.5 million, is the most expensive phone in the world, with a huge pink diamond and gold plating.  Villa Leopolda is a 506 million dollar house, which is the 4th most expensive house in the world, and served in World War II as a hospital. Mona Lisa is an 870 million dollar art piece made by Leonardo de Vinci in the 1500s and is the most famous art piece in the world. Antilia, worth 1 billion dollars, is the costliest house not owned by the British royal family. Yacht History Supreme is worth $4.5 billion as the yacht is plated with 100,000 kg of gold and platinum. A T-Rex’s bone and wine glasses on the yacht are made of an 18-carat diamond. The Hubble Space Telescope is 2.1 billion dollars and holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most expensive telescope. The international space station is worth a staggering 100 billion, is home to astronauts, and shows us how humans can be affected by space. So the next time you think something is expensive, think again.