Cinderella: The Musical Review

Kinsey Kubitz, Journalist

Recently on April 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, Bowditch Middle School had our school musical, Cinderella. The musical was very successful and both the cast on stage and behind the scenes crew did an amazing job at putting on the musical. I interviewed Riho Shintani, who played, and Nanako Tsai, who was part of the public crew.  There are multiple versions of Cinderella with the most common being the Disney version. The version Bowditch presented was Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version of Cinderella.


Cinderella is a girl who was brought up and raised by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Day after day, she was ordered to do their chores and clean up after them. One day, Prince Charming hosts a ball to find his lover. When the day of the ball arrives, she finds her dress destroyed by her stepsisters. Just when she is about to lose hope, her fairy godmother appears and turns her rags into a beautiful gown. The attendees and Prince Charming are all shocked and stunned by her beauty. The spell only worked until midnight and when it hit, she knew she had to leave. With people so in love with her and her beauty, she was being chased down but all she left for them was a glass slipper. The prince sets out on a mission to put the shoe on every girl in town until he finds his true love.


Riho Shintani, playing the lead role of Cinderella, thinks everyone did very well, “the show turned out better than we had all expected and my favorite day to perform was Friday”, April 22nd. She liked performing that day because her friends and family arranged to watch her and support her amazing work. She thinks she did the best performance Sunday, April 24th because it was her second performance as Cinderella so she had more practice. 


Riho was very relieved and happy she did well. She was scared because she thought she may forget her lines or her voice may crack. She did her best and the musical was better than she could have ever hoped. Riho’s favorite scenes were the ball and after the ball outside of the castle with the prince. She loved her dress and the set was beautiful to experience. She explains how the ballgown was so “beautiful and elegant, and her village dress was cute even though it was very big and poofy”. To remember her lines she practiced with her mom whenever she had time and was always singing the lyrics to remember because sometimes she mixed up the order of her lines. She would like to thank everyone who came and supported her and the cast. Riho is so grateful most people in the audience were respectful and kind. She received many flowers and kind words of appreciation and admiration and is so happy people liked her performance.


Nanako Tsai was part of the publicity crew and “my job was to make posters and promote the musical as much as possible.” She also ushered people to their seats and helped around the set moving props. Friday, April 22nd was the most packed because there were a lot of people to support the cast and many people had plans for the weekend. The week before the performances was very hectic and overwhelming because they had dress rehearsals a lot and hard long hours of practice. Nanako’s favorite part of the musical production was helping with the advertising and watching it come together on the final stage. “The outfits were stunning and most were handmade”. She says “people should join the musical because it is a cool experience”. There is so much hard work and dedication put into making a good performance.


In my opinion, the Bowditch School Musical was amazing to see come together and the cast and crew did a great job putting it together. They all worked so hard and were so passionate about this. Just by watching the musical on the stage, you can see their hard work and dedication paying off in an amazing show for everyone. The costume work and set designs were so beautiful and the detail in the decorations was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend anyone who likes singing or acting to join the next Bowditch musical and anyone looking for a challenge should try to join the set crew. Next time Bowditch has a school musical you should definitely go and watch it. Many people worked hard to make this possible and the musical was very inspiring.


Riho Shintani

Nanako Tsai