What’s Wrong With Yellow Slips?

Whats Wrong With Yellow Slips?

Griffin Kubitz and Matteo Tang

What’s Wrong With Yellow Slips?

What Are Yellow Slips?
Yellow slips are supposed to be punishment correction slips, but are they? Yellow slips are given out by teachers when a student does something wrong. Sometimes, they work, but most of the time the student will just get another one later. If you act out too much in class, the teachers might get very sick of you and give you a referral. A referral is much more serious and stays on your permanent record.

Why Do You Get A Yellow Slip?
You get a yellow slip when you act out in class, but sometimes people who get yellow slips have a history of acting out. This makes them more likely to receive them, rather than someone who doesn’t act out or do something that may prompt the teacher to punish the student in some way. You can also receive a yellow slip for classroom disruption, failure to follow directions, inappropriate physical behavior, or rude and discourteous behavior.

What Effect Do They Have On Kids?
The effect they have on kids depends on who is receiving it. Some may think it is the end of the world, but others realize it is a chance to correct themselves. Most teachers see it as a way to correct past behavior and improve on your past. Mz. Freezmier says, “It’s about having [students] take accountability for their behavior.”

Why Are They Not Effective?

Yellow slips are effective, but it’s only temporary. After around a week after a yellow slip, the student receiving the yellow slip will go back to their old ways. Ms. Datta doesn’t give yellow slips unless a student is very bad. It may also be the teachers’ fault. Most teachers are too nice and don’t give out yellow slips even when the student is acting out a lot.

What We Could Use Instead?

Themselves, yellow slips themselves might not be the problem. We might just need to reinforce the yellow slip principle. As we have covered, the teachers need to be stricter when giving yellow slips. 

So What?
Yellow slips can be effective, but it really depends on who gets it. It will take effort from both the student and the teacher to change the outcome of the yellow slip. Hopefully, this will improve our campus and make it a safer place.