Ms.Majka will be our new vice principal instead of Dr.Hamilton

Daniel Shnayder, Journalist

Ms.Majka will be our new vice principal instead of Dr.Hamilton. She is most likely a really good vice principal because she has been a middle school teacher for 11 years and whas a principal for 10 years.She also likes to spend time with students which is good if you want to know what the students are like.It also lets you see the culture of the school which is important.When I first saw her she was observing my class which I presume  she did to all the classes. She most likely did that because she wanted to see the behavior of the students which would allow her to see the trouble makers and it would let her meet the teachers to see how they teach .


Know let’s see what her hobbies are and what she does in her free time. She likes to play games with students which would help her salsolis  with the students. She also came out of a three year retirement to help Mr.Bowers deal with the end of the school year. Her hobbies include riding horses which sounds like a fun activity to be doing after the work time is over. She also likes playing pickleball. If you are not familiar with the game you should ask her the rules and play a round or two. Also do not forget to be a good student like not to make trouble .It is a bad thing which distracts others from doing what they want .If you see her around try striving up a conversation it should help you get to know her and this is the end of my article on Ms.Majka.