What is it Like Being in the KBOW Crew?


Claire Lam

What is being in the KBOW crew like? KBOW can be a new chance to meet new people, work with new people, or just a class with which to have all the fun. KBOW is also a class where students are able to communicate with each other, contribute to goals they want to achieve, work with new people, and show others their creativity. 


KBOW is Bowditch’s series of videos that most of  the school watches every Friday. Sometimes the videos may or may not be as good as other ones, but as long as people are having fun filming and collaborating, it doesn’t bother anyone. The whole crew puts all their effort into editing the videos. Everyone works in the library, having the liability to chat with friends. People are able to collaborate with each other and come up with new ideas for mini video clips.


Before adding clips of what people created, they first have to send it to Mr. Umberger, so he can approve and make sure it is appropriate for school. People in KBOW have the permission to go to classrooms for whatever videos they want to film as long as they tell Mr. Umberger where they are heading to.


There are daily assignments to do before class starts. The assignments are usually topics of science and writing a log of what people are doing for the day. After they finish with all the work, such as video filming or editing, they get to have free time.


In conclusion, KBOW has a variety of creativity that is endless. The crew can be as imaginative as possible, with ideas that connect to their hobbies. From interviews to skits to tutorials, new ideas spark, and it is forever remembered with the recording technology.