The Bowditch B Tennis Team

Pachitsha Vang, Journalist/Editor

Do you know that Bowditch has a second tennis team? We do, and they’re amazing. This team competes against other schools and have played matches against Sandpiper, Bayside, and Rolsten. They have won all their matches against the other schools. 

According to Ms. Aldapa, the second Bowditch team practices on Wednesdays, and plays tennis matches against other schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For practice, they play doubles and singles matches against other players on the team. The matches are three games each, and Ms. Aldapa decides the game lineups against other schools based on this. She also teaches the players strategies, and provides tips to help them improve while watching the players’ games. As you probably figured, she is the coach of the second team. 

Ms. Aldapa says she “enjoys teaching the tennis players” because “coaching is different from teaching”. She also says that the relationship between her and the players is “more relaxed rather than strict”, and she likes to see the “talent of students she doesn’t have in her class”. 

A student on the second Bowditch tennis team said that she first tried out for the team because she really liked tennis and “wanted to use this experience”. She never played a team sport before, so this was her first time. The student also said that they have “fun practices, and a good sense of competitiveness plus competition”.  There is an “aspect of losing” that makes it hard to focus in games, but in spite of all this, she still tries her best and has fun. 

The second Bowditch tennis team has had an amazing start to their season. It’s given students amazing and fun experiences. We look forward to their continued success in the season.



Ms. Aldapa

& Anonymous Student on Bowditch B Team