Ladybugs on Campus

Ladybugs on Campus

Recently, there have been many ladybugs seen on campus, on every wall and in every bush. But, why are there suddenly so many? 


Ladybugs are attracted to two things. Insect pests and pollen. Bowditch seemingly has both, making it easy to find ladybugs on campus. They are commonly seen in gardens and large areas of grass. As a result, ladybugs can be found everywhere in the Bowditch garden, and rarely in small bushes. They eat aphids, scales, mealy bugs, leafhoppers, mites, and other insects. We heavily rely on ladybugs because some of these insects distort plants, fruit, and also transmit viruses between some plants, infecting soils and attracting other parasite insects. 


In different cultures, ladybugs are valued and considered a sign of good luck. Adding onto that, ladybugs are extremely important for farming. Since they mainly eat aphids and multiple other plant-eating insects, there are more crops that farmers can sell. Ladybugs are omnivores, and can last in the wild for around 2 or 3 years. In these years, studies show that they eat around 5,000 insects. Considering that there have been tons of ladybugs all around Bowditch, there’s a chance that they can bite. These bites are serious, but can be described as a small raised red spot that looks extremely similar to a mosquito bite. In addition to that, in a survey, as many as 50% of people admitted that they are allergic to ladybugs. 


The murderer I will be talking about is Shayan, Shayan goes to Bowditch Middle School and is currently on the loose. Here is a picture of the current murderer we are talking about. We recently interviewed him, and here is some information we found out.“I killed the ladybug because it was about to attack me, and I also think th

 multiple times claiming it was poisonous even though it didn’t do anything.” -Aliyah Bettis 2022


ey are useless. I don’t think they deserve life and I feel really great that I am the most wanted for this creature. When I saw the ladybug it started to fly closer and closer to me so I slapped it, then stomped on it.” -Shayan Nanda 2022


Aliyah Bettis is an eyewitness of the illegid murder, here is what they have to say about the situation “I was eating lunch with my friends next to the music room, I then noticed that there was a ladybug flying and landing near us. Shayan grabbed an orange and smashed it