The Sports in Bowditch

Anushka Singh, Journalist

 In our school, there are many sports that are not talked about enough or not known well. The athletes at Bowditch work very hard and I am here to tell you more about each sport and what the Bowditch athletes  have accomplished this year. The sports in Bowditch consist of soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field, tennis, and football. 

 The sports that are played in the fall are girls’ volleyball, cross country, and football. The volleyball team is split between each of the 3 grades (6, 7, 8) and made up of A and B teams. The volleyball team plays and practices in the gym (or another school’s gym). This year, a few of the teams even won the championship! The other teams had very good records as well. The cross country team is made up of all grades and all genders. During the races, it is divided into age level and grade level. Lastly for football, the teams are made up of just boys. (Note that our Bowditch football team does not play tackle football.)

 There is only one sport that is played in winter, which is basketball. Like volleyball, the basketball team is divided into grade levels and genders. There is also an A and B team for each. They play and practice in the gym. Some of the basketball teams won the championship as well.  The spring sports include soccer, boys volleyball, track and field, and tennis. All of these spring sports are currently in the middle of their season. The soccer team is divided into boys and girls. They play games at Sea Cloud Park in Foster City. The Boys volleyball team is made up of Junior Varsity and Varsity. As of May 15th, the boys varsity team only has 1 loss and 7 wins! 

 The track and field team is much like the cross country team where during practice, all grades and genders are together. Though for the different events, they play against the same gender and age. Lastly, the tennis team is combined between girls and boys of all ages. They practice in the tennis courts at Bowditch. 

 All of our school’s sports are very fun and a great way to meet new people. Maybe if you’re interested in sports you should give one of these a try next year!