Track and Field


Mitsuki Okino, Journalist

In the spring sports of Bowditch, there is track and field. More than 60 people join track and field and they have a meet every week. The coaches are Coach Paul, Coach Night, and Coach Eric.


Track and field is a sport that includes athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing skills. The name is derived from where the sport takes place, a running track and a grass field for the throwing and some of the jumping events.


The students who join the track and field practice relay, long jump, long distance, shot put, and sprints. They practice after school on the field and basketball court.


There are 1600m, 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m, 50m, long jump, high jump, sprint, shot put, and relay in track and field. 1600m, 800m, and 400m are called long distance events. 200m, 100m, 50m, and sprints are called short distance events. Long jump, high jump, and shot put are called field events. And there are long distance relays and short distance relays. In total there are 44 events in track and field.


Do you know what the difference between track and field and cross country(running) is? 

Well, track and field is a sport that includes athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing skills. 


Always look both directions before crossing the track or any runways, do not walk across the field where field events are being thrown, and athletes participating in field events must understand that their implements can be dangerous and are not toys.


The difference between long distance and short distance is methods for running fast.

In the short distance, your body should take advantage of its forward motion. Don’t stand straight up. As you are bound forward, it’s recommended that you should lean slightly forward. One important part of the legs is the form of the knees. It’s suggested that the knees should bend a bit. You should also shake your arms fast.


In long distance, avoid over-striding. Instead, maintain a tall posture as you run, relax your shoulders, strengthen your glutes & core, don’t bounce or rotate excessively, and control your breathing and shake your arms with your body.


Track and Field is very interesting and there is competision of track and field. If you are interested in it, try it next year and enjoy it.