Mr. Lambert: What it Takes to Teach

From his website:

We interviewed Mr. Lambert, one of Bowditch’s best seventh-grade social studies teachers. He gave us his perspective on how he transitioned to distance learning during his first year of teaching, dealing with the struggles of COVID, and how he was able to become the teacher he is today.


In 2020, Bowditch had to transition to distance learning due to the worries of spreading COVID-19. Online, teachers had to deal with the struggles of technology, online tools, and misbehaving students. Mr. Lambert shared his experience with us. He states that “It was a very strange but excellent experience. Trying to connect with students through distance learning was a challenge, but everyone did their best and stepped up to make the best of an unprecedented situation.” He also told us that his experience with technology was not that bad, considering his last job was at a tech startup and he had always been interested in technology. Mr. Lambert says that the technology made it fun to teach with all the different tools online. He tries to ”integrate the things that worked best in distance learning into our physical classroom. Tools like Google Classroom and Kahoot [are useful in the classroom today]“


Last school year, Mr. Lambert was a teacher’s assistant under Mr. Yeh. He states “Mr. Yeh is an incredible teacher and mentor, so I was very prepared to take on my own classroom.” He helped prepare Mr. Lambert to become the great teacher that he is today. Along with Mr. Yeh, other teachers that have helped him are Ms. Launer, Ms. Walters, and Ms. McIntyre. He says “Everyone at Bowditch has been incredible when it comes to helping me become part of the community here on campus.” During his time teaching under Mr. Yeh, and shifting to online learning, he realized that he made the right decision in becoming a teacher. He enjoyed teaching online and knew that he would only like it more once school became in person. 


This school year, schools transitioned from being online to being in the physical classroom. Mr. Lambert taught online during distance learning, and along with the other teachers at Bowditch, had to shift to teaching at the physical school. He told us that “It was a new challenge… that [he] was happy to take on.” Mr. Lambert explained that it was challenging for everyone to keep masks on, but what was hardest for him was when he caught COVID after spring break. It took him out for two weeks, but he is “happy to be over it and back at Bowditch.” We also asked him if he enjoyed distance learning or school right now better, and he informed us that he “[enjoys] our current situation, [and loves] being back in the classroom with students, having great debates and discussions. You just can’t get the same thing online.”


Mr. Lambert’s classroom contains a lot of creative and exquisite features. One of which is Curtis the bear. Curtis is an ursine pianist and bon vivant who was given to Mr. Lambert by his sister. Following Curtis, Cal’s mascot, Oski, closely follows in Mr. Lambert’s rank of bears. Other than Curtis, his favorite part of his classroom is the art on his walls. He states that “Most of it [he] received as gifts, so each piece means something special to [him].” Although, his favorite part of the school is the, “… Media Center [because he is] a big book nerd, so [he] love[s] being in libraries.”


Mr. Lambert is a great social studies teacher, but he hasn’t been a teacher for his whole life. Before coming to Bowditch, he took on “construction (hi dad!), tutoring, and account management at a financial tech startup.” Don’t worry though, he told us that “nothing comes close to how much fun [he has] teaching.” We also asked him what his favorite thing about teaching was, and we loved his response. “I know it’s a cop out, but honestly: everything. I love teaching. If I had to pick one [favorite thing], it’s the in-class discussions with students. When the debate and discussion gets going, there’s nothing better.” 


Source: Mr. Lambert