Emma Alford, Journalist

Bowditch takes care of their Chromebooks very well. How? Well, if students ever think that they broke their Chromebooks, they would have to go to the library and talk to the librarian about it to ask if they can fix it. Of course, they try their best to fix it. But if there is a crack or it doesn’t work, then I’m afraid that you must pay for it. The librarians are so generous that they will let you borrow a Chromebook for a day so that the student can use it in class. 


Did you know that unlike most computers, Chromebooks uses Chrome OS instead of windows? But there isn’t really much difference, because you do about everything like the other computers. According to Google Support’s “Chromebook Help”, it is said that Chromebook’s main purpose is to help people get things done faster and easier. 


During classes, students would be on their Chromebook and do their work, but of course since they can go on other tabs, they play games which the teacher doesn’t like. Chromebooks are very easy to use in school, for example, it is easier for teachers to access their information and settings by signing into their Google accounts. Chromebooks can also improve your learning by making online learning more flexible and portable.