Bowditch Basketball B Team

Levi Rakita, Journalist

Bowditch Basketball B Team

During the Bowditch Basketball B team season, there were a lot of ups and a few downs.  But to start things off there were the tryouts. I am going to interview a player from the B team who got injured during the tryouts and had to miss some games but ended up being a great help for the B team and we wouldn’t have gone far without him.  This is an interview with Rohit Perumal.  


I asked him about the tryouts since he got injured and he said he felt like it was unfair because he got injured and never got to show his full potential. The next question I asked was how he got injured and Rohit got injured by another person running into him. He ended up breaking his knee and had to miss four games during the season.  It took him three weeks to be able to play his first game and he still has another surgery to go. Finally, Rohit was looking at the different skill levels and the competition he had.  He made the B team because he was only able to go to one tryout but he was happy with what he got and at least he didn’t get cut. He did well in that one tryout and showed the B team coach, Coach Rick, that he was worthy and he would be a great help to the team. 


During the B team games with and without Rohit, we won every single game except for one.  It was against our biggest enemy, Ralston Karl.  They were also a really good team and we lost to them.  That was our only loss.  Rohit was a very good teammate because he would get all the rebounds, he was not selfish, and he always had a good attitude.  He is also the funniest person I know. 


Our team made it all the way to the finals with our final record being 5-1.  The finals were neck and neck the whole time.  We ended up losing 41-49 in the finals against our enemies, Ralston Karl.  It was a good season and a great game.  Everyone tried their best, played hard, and had fun.  I really enjoyed playing on the B team because of the players on my team and the support from the players and Coach Rick and I hope to play Bowditch basketball again next year.