A Day in The Life of a Teacher



Sophia Dababo, Journalist

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your teacher is like? Most people don’t think about their teachers outside of school or school topics. For example, one would think about their teacher during class, during the school day, or while doing homework outside of school. Most people tend to not keep their teachers in mind, so they wouldn’t know to wonder what a day in the life of a teacher is and how different it is compared to the life of a student?  Well here is a short Day in the Life article of what a normal teacher would do on a normal, average day. 

Teachers arrive at least half an hour early and spend the most of their mornings arranging desks, laying up papers, making copies, and occasionally attending morning meetings, all for the sake of their students. Teachers understand that homeroom sets the tone for the rest of the day, so they aim to keep things as pleasant, bright, and calm as possible. They’ve honed their organizational skills, mastered multitasking, and mastered listening to both a student speaking to them and a conversation between students across the room.

Lunch is one of the few breaks teachers have during the school day. Kind of like a moment to wind down, eat, and have a chat with other teachers. Sometimes during lunch teachers spend some time making copies of papers for their next class if they haven’t already ahead of time, or getting ready for an activity for their next class. Lunch is also when teachers eat their lunch which is, like students, their only meal of the school day. 

Teachers continue to teach their next three classes after lunch, although some teachers teach different classes and topics each period, so they have to prepare for those classes ahead of time. At the end of the day, some teachers like to leave sooner and finish up the rest of their work at home. Other teachers like to get all their work done at school, and then leave to go home. This may seem like a very light article about a teachers day but most of the time it really is exhausting from a teachers point of view. Therefore, we should show respect to teachers for the amount of time, work, and effort they put into their day to prepare lessons for their students to teach them.