The Open House

The Open House

Griffin Kubitz, Journalist

The Open House – What Is It?

Bowditch’s open house was on Thursday, May 5th. Teachers have been preparing for this event, and have given projects to their students to showcase at the open house. The open house is for parents and guardians to see what their kids have been working on. You can bring your parents or guardians to your school and show them everything you have been working on, sort of like a show and tell.

How Teachers Are Preparing

Teachers give their students projects to showcase what their students have been working on. For example, Mrs. Koyanagi, who teaches 7th grade science and forensics, has assigned her students a Google Slides presentation. This is a choose your own adventure slide show about an activity her students are passionate about. They were supposed to research the science behind that activity and showcase it to the class. Mrs. Field gave her students a project to look at the year in review. Her 7th grade math class has almost completed every unit, so she asked her students to reflect on 3 different concepts they had learned throughout the year.

What You Should Expect

This year is special because it is a chance to have your families come on campus and see the school and the classes. Most parents have not been able to see the school or meet the teachers because of COVID.

What The Teachers Are Worried Or Excited About

Mrs. Koyanagi is not worried about anything in particular, but they are glad that the parents get to see the school, as Bowditch has not had an open house since 2019 and they just want the event to run smoothly. Some people, including Mrs. Field, get anxious about meeting families. She wants to make a good impression and for the families to feel good about what the students are learning. Mrs. Field also gets worried about having to clean her classroom so it is able to be presentable but overall, it always goes better than she expects it to.

Teacher Goals

Mrs. Field has a few goals for the open house. She wants the parents to get a feel for the classroom environment. Mrs. Field also wants the parents to be able to see the different math concepts her students have been working on throughout the year.