The Great Bowditch Fire

The Great Bowditch Fire

Matteo Tang

On April 29, 2022, at 2:55 PM, 5 minute before school was about to end, a fire broke out on campus. (This is my experience during this event.)


At the time I did not know this, and thought it was a drill. After around 10 seconds, an announcement over the speaker said, ¨This is not a drill,¨ so we brought out bags and papers out to the blacktop and followed the fire drill. Everyone at school was stuckoutside the blacktop until 3:22 PM.


The fire department responded rather fast and arrived after 10-15 minutes.


Many people had things to do, and places to be and this caused problems. For the school itself there was no issue, it was a small fire and there was no major damage to property. The people who started the fire are unknown and will probably have to pay for the damages. 


The one upside to the fire is some/most teachers have suspended projects, homework, misc, etc and extended the due dates.


After people where released from the blacktop, it was very busy. Many cars were on the street, and the sidewalks where full of people. I do not know this for sure, but I can safely assume that people where late to get where they had to go by at least 5 minutes because of traffic.


In the end, this event was not impactful. Three weeks later and not many people still talk about it. Bowditch Middle School students and staff are prepared for a fire, and this made that more than evident.