The woman who survived the Titanic

Kiana Cuevas

Violet Jessop was born october 2nd 1887 and died may 5th 1971 she, along with a few others, survived  the titanic.She survived the titanic ship that sunk and most people were together in the ship but some survived and some didn’t and violet jessop was one of the people that survived.Violet jessop was a waiter for the titanic ship or stewardess.She also was given a baby from the police officers to look after because they knew she could take care of her,alot of people are shocked that she survived the titanic as a waiter.


Violet Jessop got everyone shocked when she was given a child to take care of but she took care of it like it was her own.She survived the titanic by jumping out,which made her get a bad injury,which was a head injury.Before becoming a titanic worker she was a stewardess for this white star line which gave her a job for 17 hours every day,While being paid 10s every month.She was on board and served  for the olympic before joining the titanic.


The worst part about her job before titanic was how she didnt want to work for the white star just because of how she would be sailing to the north atlantic run due to the passage weathers that would be happening,And there was a rumor of how there would be passengers who would be demanding a lot.


Violet Jessop really didn’t like the idea of how she would be working as that but she did like the idea of wearing an ankle length brown suit sort of dress so she took the job!Violet jessop served as a nurse by the british red cross,and she has been during the world war.In memory of violet jessop,born:october 2nd 1887,death:may 5th,1971