Interviewing Nishant Chaparala


Natan Petel, Journalist


Today you will be hearing about Nishant Chaparala’s views on Bowditch Middle School. Nishant is a 7th grade student here at Bowditch.


Nishant has been going to Bowditch since 6th grade. His favorite subjects are science and math and his favorite teacher is Ms. Field. His favorite class throughout all his years was Ms. Dulur’s class. Nishant’s favorite thing about Bowditch is the school sports. Nishant has played football and basketball, and is currently competing in track. One thing he thinks that Bowditch should improve on is its field. He says that the football field is like a mountain and a forest because it is elevated and terrible.


Unfortunately, Nishant doesn’t like the food at lunch, even though he gets it every single day. He says the meat is uncooked and very raw. He has gotten expired milk and frozen orange juice. He is unhappy with the lunchline situation. He has found plastic and mold in his food. He overall does not like the food. At lunch he sits with Natan, Levi, Rishi, Liam, Cayden and Paul. He enjoys being with his friends, but not the actual food.


Overall Nishant has mixed feelings about Bowditch. He likes certain things and dislikes others, but at the end of the day, Nishant is still a Bowditch Buccaneer.