Interview with Mz. Freesmeier

Joey Shqair, Journalist

To start off, Mz. Freesmeier was a teacher at Bowditch for a very long time. She had taught 6th grade for a while, but over the years she now teaches mostly 8th grade! She teaches four 8th grade English classes, one 8th grade creative writing class, and one 7th grade newspaper journalism class. She also hosts other activities on the side and she is the Student Council facilitator! Next, Mz. Freesmeier grew up in Long Beach California and moved up north in 1993. She did elementary school, middle school, and high school in Long Beach, California until she moved for college! Fun fact, Mz. Freesmeier’s favorite subjects in school were P.E. and English! This was because P.E. to her was fun because of the sports, and English was fun because she was an amazing writer, but slow reader. Now, in college, Mz. Freesmeier went to San Francisco State, Notre Dame University, and Capella! Lastly, a fun fact about Mz. Freesmeier is that she lived in Hawaii through 1989-1990 and worked as a waitress for the Cruise Ships, who travel from island to island! That was a memorable experience that she will never forget!

Now, we have learned the basics about Mz. Freesmeier. Lets talk about her hobbies! Mz. Freesmeier’s favorite sports are volleyball, softball, and basketball. She got this from her dad, because her dad was an athlete and played some of these sports! Next, If Mz. Freesmeier could change the Bowditch Buccaneers name, what would she change it to? Well, I’m told that Mz. Freesmeier would change it to the Bowditch Navigators because Nathaniel Bowditch was a famous navigator, and he wrote navigator charts! Now, lets move on to Mz. Freesmeier’s old jobs! Mz. Freesmeier worked for an after school program in San Carlos, Belmont, California. She did Annex for 7 years there and enjoyed it! Before that, Mz. Freesmeier was a waitress for a restaurant in Long Beach California! She also was in Hawaii for a bit and served as the cruise ship’s waitress, who traveled from island to island as already mentioned!

Now, to finish off. The most important question of the article is, when did Mz. Freesmeier start working at Bowditch as a teacher? Well, Mz. Freesmeier started teaching at Bowditch in the year 2000 and her first class was 6th grade ELA. That’s a long time working at Bowditch if you ask me!


Mz. Freesmeier