Social Media: What are it’s Impacts?


Sophia Dababo and Claire Lam

Social Media is an extremely large platform and has both good and bad aspects. Social media changes the way teens look at themselves. The only way to stay alive on social media is to get people to like you and approve of you. That is the only way you can stay recognized and accepted on social media, is by changing the kind of person you are. Considering this, teens can start to change their behavior for the sake of social media or because of social media. Teens try to seek social approval by changing their personality, appearance, etc. to fit in with the world’s preferences. This affects the way teens look at themselves and changes how they feel about themselves. There is a tremendous amount of backtalk on social media. Users are talking about other people behind their backs, and making fun of the kind of person they are. This, and getting a low amount of likes and feedback on teens’ posts is a major trigger for teens to feel the need to change themselves. 

There are always better things to do than staying in the same position for seven hours scrolling through social media. Social media always recommends relevant content to what you watched previously. People have a high chance of damaging their eyesight from staring at a screen for so long. Kids get less sleep because they go on their phones at night. If people are eating and watching something on their phones, they do not appreciate the food they are eating because they refuse to care. As long as they have devices, they are always happy. It is almost always social media that causes this. The companies of social media are sucking you into it, so that they can gain more money.

People will go so far as to do something life-threatening just to get views, fame, and attention on social media. Teens need to control their actions and try to find and create content that not only people like and approve of, but content that is safe for you on your end. Instead of using your talents to apply them to dangerous life-threatening situations just for the sake of fame and attention from social media, use them for more reasonable purposes. Teens should try to stay safe or just not use their talent on social media at all if they are going to be desperate enough to go as far as putting their life on the line for one person to find them on social media and to do something as simple as tapping a button on their screen.

 People will do fatal stunts for social media if it will gain them lots of attention and popularity. Just one quick Google search will show you a long, disappointing list of those who have died in the name of Social Media.  A countless number of social media users were admitted to a hospital every year because they cut themselves or otherwise harmed themselves in the name of social media. 

Moving on, it would be lovely to ignore inappropriate content because the inappropriate content would teach other kids to do bad things and create an unsafe environment. Whenever people watch something stupid or inappropriate, the majority click the like button and that encourages the creator to post even more content like those posts.

Social media can affect everyone’s daily lives in many ways. Whether it is in a good or bad way. Social media is a good place to stay up to date with friends and family around the world and especially stay up to date with other friends’ lives that you aren’t able to speak to or see in person. Social media isn’t a bad thing, it all depends on the person and how they use the app. Whether they are responsible for the amount of time they spend on it and are wise with what you do and how to not get influenced by Social Media. So if you want to get Social Media but aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea, think to yourself and ask not whether Social Media is good or bad, but instead, whether you are responsible enough to not get driven away by the impacts of social media and to control yourself, instead of letting it control you.