Lake Tahoe


Natan Petel, Joey Shqair and Levi Rakita, Journalist

Lake Tahoe is an amazing place to go over spring break for many reasons. You can Ski or Snowboard, there are beautiful views, boating and hiking.


Tahoe is an amazing place to go over spring break especially if you want to go skiing or snowboarding. Resorts are more empty because less people go. Unfortunately snow is more icy and gets slushy earlier. Fortunately there are less lines because there are less people. It’s very fun because skiing and snowboarding is fun. It’s very nice weather so you can wear less clothing. There are amazing views because it’s in the spring. That’s why skiing or snowboarding in Tahoe is an amazing experience during spring break.


Tahoe has a few really fun places to go during the spring.  One of Tahoe’s famous places is the lake.  The lake is very big and beautiful with a clear bottom.  Lake Tahoe has one of the purest waters in the world. The east side is in Nevada and the West side is in California.  The weather in the Spring is pretty good and surprisingly, it gets warm.  If you want to go boating, need a good view, and have one of the best memories in your life, then Tahoe is the place for you. 


To start off, hiking in the spring in Tahoe can be a very outstanding trip! The reason is, Tahoe can be a very good hike in the mountains during the spring! Hiking can be an amazing view with good temperature and could just be a good time overall. It also can be a good exercise when climbing up into the mountains. You could lose weight because you are going over the mountains for hours.  Plus, on the shores and mountains, you could see all the sparkling blue waters and turquoise bays of Lake Tahoe! You could also go on hiking trails that lead to peaks, waterfalls, inland lakes, meadows, and lookouts. Views over the beautiful lakes below on a sunny day in the spring, are astounding.