Mendocino Coast

Mendocino Coast

If you are looking for a place to visit during spring break, the Mendocino Coast is definitely a place to visit. There are beautiful beaches, amazing coastal views, and state parks in northern California.


The Mendocino Coast is a section of land running along the western borders of northern California, covering 3,878 square miles. Along these borders, you will find six mesmerizing beaches (including Glass Beach) and state parks, about 50 acres of the beautiful garden (thanks to Mendocino’s perfect year-round weather), the oh-so-famous Point Arena Lighthouse, and much more. 


The city of Mendocino was founded in 1852 as a logging company that became the Mendocino Lumber Company. The Pomo Indians who lived in this area before had left the city of Mendocino and the coast beautiful. Preservationists made sure that the buildings, beaches, and environment stayed the same. In 1934, the town started to decline because of the mill closing. It wasn’t for another 23 years that it was founded again by artists who discovered the Mendocino Art Center (which is still here to this day). The coast of Mendocino is a very historic place because of the efforts to protect it and to keep it the same as when the Pomo Indians were living there. Right now, there are hospitals, hotels, temples, churches, and even homes that are from long ago and are still preserved to this day. 


One of the state parks by the Mendocino Coast is the Mendocino Headlands State Park and it’s located in Mendocino County, California., right by the coast. It was created on July 30, 2002, and many donors and organizations in the area donated 25 million dollars to help create a state park near them. This state park has a variety of trails, rugged coastlines, private beaches, and you can also visit the Village of Mendocino. The trails that you may go on have a nice breeze from the coast and you can see sea arches and hidden grottos. Here, you can do many activities such as hiking, surfing, fishing, etc. There are beaches, historic buildings, and parks that have beautiful nature that everyone should see. At this state park, there is a Mendocino Music Festival held in June each year. At the festival, there is a blend of music and many dancers performing to entertain you. This state park is a place that I would recommend visiting when going to Mendocino.  


The Mendocino Coast has many beaches, but I’ll only be talking about 4 of them. These beaches include Big River Beach, Casper Beach, Van Damme State Beach, and Glass Beach. Big River Beach is a beach at the mouth of the Big River. It’s located to the south of Mendocino, and it’s a “white sandy beach that often has a lagoon where the river meets the Pacific Ocean”. It can also be identified as the “undeveloped seaside buffs and islets”. Another beach is Caspar Beach, which is a popular site to go “swimming, boating, hiking, and fishing”. You can also watch migrating gray whales, and see many “different types of marine life, birds, as well as many different species of trees and wildflowers”. The third beach is Van Damme State Beach. It was named after Charles Van Damme, who was born there and he also bought the land. It’s located on the inland side of Route 1, and it has 2 parts. One part is a parking lot that has lots of hiking trails. The other part is “blufftop meadows on the ocean side….” and “a restored set of barns dating from 1860”. Both of these parts are nice, but most people want to go to Glass Beach. Glass Beach is located near Fort Bragg, and it was named when it was “abundant with glass”. As you can guess, it’s a beach with beautiful glass pieces, so you should wear shoes.


The Mendocino Coast is a very beautiful place that has a lot of unique features. It’s an exciting place to go to and a great vacation destination for spring and summer break!,_California)