The Tensions of Ukraine and Russia

The Tensions of Ukraine and Russia

Pachitsha Vang & Alexandra Pursnani, Journalist/Editor

On February 24, 2022, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, sent his troops to the borders of Ukraine and began sending missiles raining down on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Ukraine citizens were unprepared for this, and panicked. In only a few days, thousands of lives were lost.
In this article, we will be explaining: Why is Russia invading Ukraine? Why is Ukraine so important? How are we helping Ukraine? Will this lead to World War 3? Will this be a nuclear war? 

Why Is Russia Invading Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine was a threat to Russia, and that “Russia could not feel safe, develop and exist”. He wants Ukraine because it used to be a part of the Soviet Union, and so, Putin emphasized that “Ukraine is part of Russia, culturally, linguistically and politically”. This gives Russia a reason to invade and make Ukraine a part of Russia again. Ukrainians who have links to the fallen Soviet Union want to integrate more into Russia, while other Ukrainians want to integrate more into Europe. Now, Russia isn’t giving the Ukrainians a choice, and are forcefully trying to make Ukraine a part of Russia again. A CNN article said that when NATO offered to make Ukraine a member, it was “crossing a red line for Russia”.

Why Is Ukraine So Important?

According to a Wion News article, Ukraine is important to Putin because “[both] Russia and the West see Ukraine as a potential buffer against each other”. If Ukraine becomes a part of Russia again, then Russia might try to invade other European countries, especially countries that were formerly under Russian rule. This would also “threaten U.S. dominance over world affairs”. This will definitely be a problem, and that’s why so many countries are helping and donating useful resources to Ukraine.

How Are We Helping Ukraine?

There are many countries, including the U.S., who are supporting Ukraine by donating food, money, weapons, and other things. However, they cannot get physically involved due to an organization known as NATO. 

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance. NATO was created after World War II and was signed on April 4th, 1949. If you are a part of this alliance, then you can receive and give support to other NATO members. Ukraine isn’t a part of NATO so America, Italy, France, Poland, and more countries can’t help Ukraine.

Will This Lead To World War Three?

NATO was created after WWll, so we do not know how this will work in the circumstances of another world war breaking out. The probability of a war is highly unlikely as of now, but it seems Putin and Biden are prepared for anything. Putin has ordered the chief of general staff “to put strategic nuclear forces on special alert.” NATO leaves an open door to any country wanting to join as long as the county meets some military, economic, and political agreements and goals. It seems that this is the reason Ukraine has not yet joined NATO. According to Stanley Sloan, “The feeling was, and probably still has been, that Ukraine hadn’t completely taken care of political corruption, that it was still developing its democracy.”

Will This Be A Nuclear War?

Aside from the organization, what many people are fearing most is nuclear involvement. As stated, yes, Putin has put his strategic nuclear forces on special alert, however, Biden and Putin are smart enough to realize the consequences of nuclear fallout. With over 10,000 nuclear bombs on this planet, we could destroy the world at least ten times over. Both Russia and America’s president are aware of this and will therefore hopefully not make it a reality. They came to an agreement that “Nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.”


In short, this war is costly, extremely dangerous, and should not be fought physically. We don’t know when this war will end, but we hope it will be soon…,the%20Euro%2DAtlantic%20Partnership%20Council.