Abnormal Psychology: What is it?



Anushka Singh, Journalist

We’ve all heard of different disorders and mental illnesses around the world. Some people may be experiencing them right now. Well, this is all a part of abnormal psychology. 


Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that has to do with people who have “abnormal” behaviors or people that may have mental and emotional disorders that interfere with one’s day to day life. This branch focuses on patterns of emotions, thought, and behavior that may show signs of a mental health condition. This branch covers a very broad range of disorders from depression to OCD to personality disorders. 


Sometimes it’s difficult to define the word “abnormal” since it’s a matter of opinion, but psychologists study abnormality in being something that is unusual and comes up in your life which may be stressful or create conflict. Though, any ordinary thing that may come up in your life wouldn’t be called abnormal. 


Some examples of abnormal behavior are situations that create distress or harm to yourself or to those around you and that behavior is also very infrequent. It can be very socially disruptive and affect one’s ability to function at home, school, or work. The behavior may make relationships become worse as well. All of these behaviors are things that psychologists study and learn more about. 


Psychologists in the branch of abnormal psychology study many different types of disorders that affect oneself. They consist of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, dissociative disorders, and OCD. Some may go to therapists to seek help or take medication prescribed from doctors.  


Overall, abnormal psychology is something that psychologists have not exactly figured out today and have much more to learn about. It’s a very large branch that covers a lot of things. As time goes by, we will know more about this branch of psychology and we may have more advancements in it.