The Butterfly effect Vs. The Domino effect

The Butterfly effect Vs. The Domino effect

Matteo Tang


The butterfly effect and the domino effect are very different, and more interesting than you may think.


The butterfly effect, to put simply, is when something starts unpredictably and it causes someone to think that it will always happen that way and can end up in another unpredictable scenario.

The domino effect is when a small event leads to a large event that is a build up from the smaller event. For example, if you drink water every five times per day but after 10 days or so you put ice in it. Even though these are only 2 events that are similar they are a build up from the original. Another example, if you go to work every day and do the same thing every day, but every 10 days or so you slowly find more efficient ways to do your job. This is an example of the domino effect because you are starting from least efficient and striving to get more efficient. 


The butterfly effect is more complicated because someone has the idea to try something that is almost impossible or isn’t guaranteed to occur or happen. Some people often confuse the domino effect and butterfly effect to be the same thing. They in fact are very different. The main reason people confuse these two is because both involve repetitiveness. The butterfly effect shows something that already is sensitive to the original surroundings, but people still do that since they think that will be the guaranteed outcome. While the domino effect is just a repeat of events leading to something greater.


In the end, the butterfly effect and the domino effect are just terms people throw around, only with scientists studying it and understanding the true meaning of the term.