The Downfall of Henry Ruggs

Joey Shqair, Journalist

Henry Ruggs was once just a little kid who enjoyed football. He started playing football at Lee High School, and was the top receiver in his class! He played all four seasons and started getting recognized during his junior year. His junior year, Ruggs caught 44 passes for 1,010 yards and 11 touchdowns, while adding another 237 yards on eight kickoff returns. Next, in his senior year, Henry Ruggs had 38 catches for 639 yards in nine games. He scored 20 touchdowns, nine catches, seven rushes, three passes, and one kick return. Ruggs was unstoppable!

Next, in the 2020 NFL Draft, he got selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the 1st round, 12th pick. Eventually, he plays on the Raiders the first season, and does average. Next, Ruggs played through his rookie season, and Ruggs finished his rookie year with 26 receptions, 452 receiving yards, and two touchdowns in 13 games played. Next, the NFL awards are here! He doesn’t win any awards, but gets ready and puts the work in for next season. Eventually, the next season starts. Henry Ruggs, ends up getting the stats of 50 receptions, 921 receiving yards, 211 return yards, and four touchdowns.

During the middle of the season, Henry Ruggs had the worst day of his life on November 2. Henry Ruggs was driving at 156 mph and crashed into a lady and her dog and killed them. Ruggs was seen traveling at 156 mph 2.5 seconds before impact and was traveling at 127 mph at impact according to prosecutors, who cited data from his Corvette’s air bags. Blood was drawn from Ruggs shortly after the crash. Ruggs avoided jail time and was allowed to remain on house arrest, but now must wear two ankle monitors after missing a mandatory alcohol test. Following the fatal crash, he has been charged with driving drunk. He will never play football again, and ruined his whole career. Henry Ruggs is forever going to be remembered for this incident.

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