Lewis Hamilton



Natan Petel and Levi Rakita, Journalist

Driving in a Mercedes, number 44, is 7 time world champion Lewis Hamilton! He is one of the greatest F1 drivers to ever exist and he started go-karting at 8 years old. He won a karting championship at age 10. 


Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was born on January 7, 1985 in Stevenage, England. He lived with his dad, Anthony, his mom, Carmen, his two brothers, Nicola and Nicolas, and his sister, Samantha. He went to school at The John Henry Newman Catholic School in London.


He joined F1 and started his racing career in 2007 driving for Mclaren. He won the championship in F1 in 2008, becoming the youngest driver to ever win it at 23 years old. He moved to Mercedes-Benz in 2013 after not winning a title for years. He won his 2nd ever championship the next year in 2014 and won his 3rd championship in 2015 as well one month before the season ended, showing how dominant he was. In 2016 he got 2nd and lost in the finals by 5 points to Nico Rosberg. 


He then went on to win the championship in 2017 and won again in 2018. He won the championship in 2019 and in 2020. He just won 4 straight championships and tied for the most championships with Michael Schumacher. That record is 7 titles.


In 2021 he was doing amazing. Him and Max Verstappen were going neck and neck all season. They were tied when it came down to the final race. Lewis was winning by 15 seconds, which is huge in F1. It was impossible for Hamilton to lose this race. There were only 5 laps left of the race when Nicholas Latifi crashed. Hamilton was many cars ahead of Verstappen and had overlapped many cars and Verstappen didn’t. The safety car came out. It went on for 4 laps and there was 1 lap left of the race. The FIA let the overlapped cars pass instead, which was not fair because Hamilton had to overtake them while Verstappen got a freebie. Instead of being ahead by 15 seconds, he was up by less than a second. Hamilton also had 30-lap-old tires while Verstappen had brand new fresh tires. Hamilton tried to hold him off, but his tires couldn’t and Verstappen passed him and won.


This made many fans furious. Mercedes sued the FIA in order to reverse the results of the race but both offers were declined. A few weeks later F1 commissioner Michael Massi was fired because of this. Verstappen may have technically been the world champion, but Lewis Hamilton was the real winner.