Unique defense strategies Ukraine is using to defend against the Russian invasion

Unique defense strategies Ukraine is using to defend against the Russian invasion

Griffin Kubitz, Journalist

Unique defense strategies that Ukraine is using to defend against the Russian invasion

Tensions high

As most people know, tensions have been high as Russia is invading Ukraine. Ukraine is heavily outnumbered in military strength because Russia has one of the most powerful militaries in the world. This is causing Ukraine to think of unique defense strategies to combat the Russian invasion.

Armed civilians

Because Ukraine is outnumbered in military strength, they are asking civilians to take up arms to protect their country. A Ukrainian business owner, Olena Sokolan says, “I am [an] adult woman, I am healthy and it is my responsibility.” She received a rifle to help defend the capital. These regular citizens call themselves the “Territorial Defense Forces”. Guns are being handed out at army recruitment centers. Citizens form units of about 10 people and dress in sweatpants and light camouflage jackets. They wear yellow bands to confirm that they are part of the Territorial Defense Forces. In all, the Territorial Defense Forces have about 130,000 volunteers. Police departments have handed out more than 25,000 rifles to people to help protect their cities.

Confusing directions

Ukravtodor is a Ukrainian government agency, they are in charge of building and maintaining roads. They said that it would be removing all road signs so that the Russians could not use them for directions. This strategy has proved very effective as people have reported Russian tanks seemingly going nowhere. Although they have other means of direction, like maps, this still makes it hard to invade as they aren’t familiar with the landscape and will get lost very easily.


As stated before, Ukraine is heavily outnumbered and is continuing to come up with more creative ways to delay the Russian invasion. They have effective tactics that will hopefully defend their country. The Ukrainians are fighting hard to protect their families and land.