Facial Dysphoria


Getty Images/iStockphoto


Maya Nagar, Journalist

     Facial dysmorphia is a mental health issue that is common amongst people. Facial dysmorphia causes people to have a warped perspective of their faces. It can be equally as common between men and women. If a person were to suffer from facial dysmorphia, it would make them go through picturing physical flaws on their face and can make the person have massive anxiety over it. It can cause them to fixate on their one or more flaws to the point where it can make an extreme impact on their life. For example, its believed that Michael Jackson’s repetitive surgeries are caused by facial dysmorphia. People with facial dysmorphia obsess over all of their facial features such as their skin, teeth, hair, and nose. Studies have shown that about 2% of the world has facial or body dysmorphia, and 20% of people with facial or body dysmorphia end up committing suicide.


      So what’s the cause of facial dysmorphia? The reason for this illness isn’t well known, but it’s proven that facial and body dysmorphia are more common amongst people that have been physically and/or emotionally abused in their childhood. Adding onto that, it’s shown that it can also be genetic too. Facial dysmorphia can also be described as a cycle. When a person stares at themself in a mirror for too long, it can cause them to have a twisted view of themself. This makes the person stare at themself, making them even more insecure. It is said that facial dysmorphia is mainly caused by the pattern of self-analysis and self-distortion. 

      Overall, facial dysmorphia is a terrible mental health condition that affects many people. It can lead to many dreadful events that no one would want to deal with. No one wants to deal with facial dysmorphia so it’s important to be aware of this condition.