Cinderella: The Musical

Kinsey Kubitz, Lauren Nagamine, Journalist

It’s no secret that Bowditch Middle School is having a new school play. What is it about you may be asking yourself? Cinderella! Putting on a school musical can be hard work, especially with a pandemic going. We spoke to two members of the cast to get the inside scoop on the effort it takes to produce a musical! Cinderella has been a large part of many peoples’ childhoods. It is exciting to see that Bowditch is producing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version of Cinderella. 


Cinderella is a girl who was kept enslaved by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Day after day, she was ordered to do their chores and clean up after them. One day, Prince Charming hosts a ball to find his lover. When the day of the ball arrives, she finds her dress destroyed by her stepsisters. Just when she is about to lose hope, her fairy godmother appears and turns her rags into a beautiful gown. The attendees and Prince Charming are all flabbergasted by her beauty. The spell only lasted till midnight and when it hit, she knew she had to leave. With people so infatuated by her beauty, she was being chased down but all she left for them was a glass slipper. Ms. Burndon also says, “Cinderella is such a fun and magical show about the importance of not giving up on dreams because anything is possible. I love that this is our return-to-stage show as we have been dreaming about this moment for years.”


Ms. Burndon, the drama and stagecraft teacher, also produces school plays and musicals. We talked to her to see what it takes to be in charge of creating a musical. Of course, with COVID there are many challenges that people face, especially in a school musical setting. ”COVID has kept us on our toes. We knew this year was going to be different, so we pushed the musical to as late as possible in the spring in hopes that COVID would allow us to do a live performance indoors.” She shares how it was hard to select the cast and not be able to cast all the talented performers who came to auditions or all the amazing folks who applied to be part of the tech crew. Ms. Burndon has produced a few other shows before Bowditch, but this is her 4th Bowditch musical!

 One of the largest challenges about producing the play is the tight rehearsal schedule. She says, “…making sure we have time to rehearse and build everything in time is a challenge- but one we are up for!” Creating the play is much trickier but fun with two casts. She loves working with all of the creative, talented, and enthusiastic students. She hopes that the cast, crew, and audience can experience the magic of this play. She says that the cast has come together and worked very hard. They are so dedicated to the importance of the outcome that this musical will have.


We also talked to Riho Shintani. She is playing the role of Cinderella in the Fiddle-Dee-Dee cast and is a 7th grader here at Bowditch. She shares how it can be hard to learn dances and songs at first, “but it becomes easier as I listen to it over and over again.” She wanted to try out because she likes to act and she finds musicals fun. It is her last year here so she wanted to make a good impression. For Rhio there is the stress of being a 7th grader as the lead role. “The lead role is normally an 8th grader, so there is pressure,” she states. She is worried that she is going to be compared to Cinderella from the Fol-de-rol cast. Riho attends every rehearsal. The rehearsals are usually 2-3 times a week, consisting of singing, acting, and dancing. Her favorite part is “how I get to act and sing with friends, my least favorite part is singing in front of everyone and missing notes.” She is excited to see all the props come together, and the stand-in props they use are magical. Riho’s biggest worry for the musical is “forgetting the lines on stage or missing notes.” 


She hopes when the musical is over everyone that came to watch will think that she did well and that she was deserving of the role. Acting can be hard at times, especially when you have to memorize lines so it helps her to listen to the musical rehearsal tracks, and the original versions.” Making sure we have time to rehearse and build everything in time is a challenge- but one we are up for!” She shares how it is also fun and a lot trickier to work with 2 casts. 


The Cinderella cast has and will continue to work hard to produce an amazing school musical. The musical will take place April 21-24, and soon at you will be able to buy tickets to see our school’s hard work to put this on. It is a great representation of every single cast member’s hard work and dedication to creating a successful show!